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Hello, my name is Lesley Hurd and I’m looking forward to sharing what LKH Counselling Services can offer you as an individual client or as a service to your school.


LKH Counselling Services provide a flexible therapeutic service within a safe time and space which can be easily accessed by all clients, especially with those in mind who may never have experienced counselling before.

Counselling can help people improve their sense of wellbeing, to explore and understand difficulties, understand how we relate to people and recognise any unhelpful patterns in your life. Counselling can also empower people to solve their problems and make their own decisions. The key to success is through the boundaried relationship between the therapist and client. This is where you will feel safe, feel really listened to and feel valued.

Sharing counselling theory and concepts where appropriate may also be helpful to support your understanding of patterns of behaviour – in yourself and others. This knowledge can empower you for the future. A shared, layman’s language will be used, absolutely no jargon allowed!

Please explore this website and feel free to make enquiries with no obligation.

Compassion, Acceptance, Empathy, Confidentiality

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LKH Counselling Services was set up to provide a safe and comfortable space and time that can be easily accessed by people – perhaps like yourself – who may never have experienced counselling before.

A range of services are offered so to fit in with your commitments and your preferred way of communicating.

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Warp Framework


On Site Counselling – A full day model providing a bespoke timetable within school, consisting of 1 to 1 sessions (Face to Face and Online), a lunch time self referral service and staff and parent consultations on request

Counselling sessions provided off site will be considered in particular circumstances.

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