LKH Counselling Services


Hello, my name is Lesley Hurd and Iā€™m looking forward to sharing what LKH Counselling Services can offer you.


LKH provides a flexible and accessible therapeutic counselling service, within a safe and confidential space, that enables us to explore and understand your reasons for considering counselling. With careful listening, acceptance and gentle exploration you will be supported to feel empowered to uncover your strengths. The key to your success with counselling is through the therapeutic relationship between you, the client and me, the counsellor which will help you to feel safe, listened to and valued throughout the sessions.

If you are curious about counselling theories and concepts we can share what may be relevant to your experiences, in plain English ā€“ no jargon allowed!

Please have a look at my website and make further enquiries free from any obligation.

Compassion, Acceptance, Empathy, Confidentiality

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LKH Counselling Services was set up to provide a safe and comfortable space and time that can be easily accessed by people ā€“ perhaps like yourself ā€“ who may never have experienced counselling before.

A range of services are offered so to fit in with your commitments and your preferred way of communicating.

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