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 My Approach to Counselling

I am what is called an ‘Integrative Counsellor’ which means I have studied and trained in a variety of counselling approaches. This enables me to develop a flexible and tailored way of working that best suits you.
We can stay in the present and also explore the past to identify what may be affecting you right now. We can also look at negative patterns of thinking and create helpful goals.
Whatever you decide is the best way for you to look at any challenges or difficulties you are experiencing, I will provide and accepting, compassionate and confidential space to do this – working together at your pace.


My Experience

I have worked for over 20 years in a variety of roles within the education and care sectors, using my counselling skills and knowledge.
I have worked with both adults and young people who have experienced anxiety, loss, abuse, depression, low self esteem and relationship issues. I have also worked extensively with adults who have roles in society working with young people – teachers carers and parents.
More recently, I have begun to work with clients – both players and coaches – from a large community football club.


My Philosophy

I believe that within each of us lies the capacity and strength to heal and grow. There are times when having someone offer confidentiality, compassion, empathy and acceptance within a therapeutic relationship can support you to achieve such healing and growth.
To use a simple metaphor, I suggest looking at counselling rather like going to the gym.
It’s a place you can go to help you feel strong and motivated to achieve. There may be times when you feel low, your poor level of fitness overwhelms you and you feel unable to motivate yourself to change it. That’s when support from a gym buddy or personal trainer can help to help you with techniques and routines but more importantly, empower you with the motivation to change.
I’m not diminishing the real pain and anguish clients may bring to counselling sessions nor disrespecting fellow counsellors and their role. What I am saying is that coming to counselling is not a sign of weakness and or failure but a sign of strength and potential.

I embrace the Starfish Parable (Loren Eisley 1907 – 1977) and take this into my practice. Taking one tiny step at a time can break any challenge down, enabling us to explore what changes we may want to make and what we want to live with. The smallest action can make the biggest difference, the re-framing of one thought can change a mindset.

Here’s the Starfish Parable for you to interpret whichever way you want…


The Starfish Parable ( Loren Eiseley 1907 – 1977)

There was an old man taking his morning walk on the beach. As he neared the shore line he noticed the beach was covered in starfish from the previous night’s storm.

In the distance he saw a young boy frequently bending down and the running towards the shoreline.

He approached him and saw he was bending down to pick up a starfish, running to the water’s edge and throwing the starfish in as far as he could.

The old man asked him what he was doing.

“I’m throwing the starfish into the sea, the tide has washed them up and they can’t get back by themselves. When the sun comes up they will die,” he replied.

The old man said “There’s thousands of them, the few you can save won’t make much of a difference. You are wasting your time.”

The boy picked up another starfish, threw it into the sea and said “It’s made a difference to that one.”


My Training

I trained as a person centred practitioner for 2 years then as a psychotherapeutic counsellor for 3 years.

I am an accredited member of the National Counselling Society (NCS) approved by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) which means you can be assured of the standard of my training.

I also adhere to the NCS code of ethics which includes further developing my counselling skills and knowledge by committing to regular supervision and continuing professional development(CPD).

I am happy to share and discuss details of my professional qualifications and CPD on request.

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