Face to face counselling service

Face to Face counselling is when you will make an appointment to meet me in person.
This will either be in a room in a public building or a room in a private house.
You will travel to the agreed location at a specific date and time.
This service is currently unavailable due to the pandemic.


Online counselling service

Online counselling enables you to have a session with me using Zoom, or other online platforms, at an agreed date and time.
This can be from your home or other environment selected by you which is safe and free from disturbance. I will attend from my safe and confidential counselling room in my home.


Telephone counselling service

Telephone counselling is similar to online. We can still use Zoom but without the camera/video function or use a phone. You will still require a safe and undisturbed space.


Email counselling service

Email counselling allows you to have the time to consider what you want to say before sending your message. Emails can be sent and responded to within an agreed date and time.



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