Face to face counselling service

Face to Face Counselling is when you make an appointment with a counsellor to see them in person, usually in a public building or in a counsellor’s house. As a client you will travel to the specified location on the agreed time and date.


Online counselling service

Online Webcam counselling enables you to ‘see’ a counsellor at an agreed time and date. This can be from your home or other environment selected by you which is safe and free from disturbance. Online platforms such as Zoom provide a safe, encrypted and confidential means of this form of online therapy.


Telephone counselling service

Telephone counselling is similar to Online Webcam counselling but without the visuals. A platform such as Zoom can be used without the camera to enable security and confidentiality. If there are internet difficulties then a telephone may be used. You will still require a safe space where you will not be disturbed or overheard.


Email counselling service

Email counselling allows you to have time to consider what you want to say before sending your message. An agreed number of emails will be made and sent at an agreed time and date. There is time taken between responses with each email replied to individually. A secure email account will be offered.



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