Whole day school service

LKH Counselling Services offers a flexible and responsive therapeutic service to schools building on the supports and pastoral care which may already be in place.

A full day model provides a bespoke timetable of counselling services including 1 to 1 online or face to face sessions, a lunchtime self referral service and staff and parent consultations on request.

A designated on-site therapy room will be required where the counsellor is situated which can be discreetly accessed by pupils, staff and parents.

Off-site sessions may be arranged for pupils unable to access the school building.


Reflective and Reflexive Sessions

Reflective and Reflexive sessions are offered to Senior Leaders in your school.

This is a safe space to talk events and decisions through and to unpick and discover your own thoughts and ideas. Reflecting on previous decisions and experiences, exploring how you have used this in the past and using this self awareness to consider possible solutions.

This is not coaching or personal therapy.


Training service

Training services can be provided to both small and large groups within the school as part of CPD.

LKH Counselling Services will work collaboratively with Senior Leaders and staff to offer training sessions to meet the current needs of the staff. Examples of sessions include:

  • Behaviour management
  • Attachment
  • Trauma
  • ACE’s
  • Scripted Language
  • Brain development
  • Stress
  • Self care




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